How can PrisonScanIR help?

Our infrared research and development division (IRresearcher™) performs applications-specific infrared research. These applications include carbon fiber composite infrared inspections, automotive and aircraft welding inspections, micro-circuitry inspections, and sports medicine applications.

IRresearcher™ Consulting services advises those interested in purchasing infrared systems, but do not have the inclination or engineering background to evaluate which system is the most cost-effective or appropriate for a given application. This group also provides on-site customized training services for those companies who want to set up an IR program or improve their current IR program.

ProcessSCAN™ – ProcessSCAN™ is part of the IRresearcher division. Our expert thermographers help manufacturers solve process-related problems, improve machine efficiency and reduce product returns. Services include:

Services include:

  • Product Monitoring Infrared Analysis
  • Process Control Improvements
  • System Feasibility Studies
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Machine Vision
  • Quality Improvement
  • Much More!

Let Us Help You With Your In-House IR Program!

One of our services is an on-line store which sells infrared equipment, infrared windows, and training at significant discounts. Couple that with our consulting services and we can help you your in-house program off the ground. Don’t re-invent the wheel, let our experts guide you through the process.

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