Infrared Inspection Services

We provide infrared inspection services that accurately and efficiently pinpointing problem areas on your campus could save you hundreds to thousands through preventative maintenance. We make campus maintenance easier through our Electrical, Mechanical, and Building Surveys.

Image of infrared inspection services showing electrical equipment overheating

Electrical Surveys

Infrared inspection of electrical equipment used to predict and prevent component failures and other unwanted electrical conditions.

Regular image and infrared image of a mechanical component overheating

Mechanical Surveys

Infrared inspections on mechanical components to prevent component failure, safety hazards, and production downtime.

Infrared image of a building CMU wall detailing the inside components of the wall

Building Surveys

Infrared thermographic surveys on CMU walls to detect structural components, moisture problems, missing insulation, thermal envelope issues and more.

Infrared image of carbon-fiber composite component

R&D / Process Control

Our IRresearcher™ division performs applications-specific infrared research such as carbon fiber composite infrared inspections, automotive and aircraft welding inspections, micro-circuitry inspections and more.

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